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Shoot, Pimp, Repeat

September 27th, 2011

It’s my birthday, so I figured its time to share probably one of the most important blogs I’ve ever wrote.

This process seems like something I should have known already but it took a Chase Jarvis blog for it to really hit home for me. The point of Chases blog post was to explain how to get people to like your work. Ultimately he said the best way to do this is to simply shoot for yourself and people will be attracted to your style.

He mentioned the Shoot, Pimp, Repeat theory and I’d like to go into depth about that.

Shoot What you Love.

You should always shoot what you love to shoot the way you love to shoot it. When you shoot what you love, it is what I call being honest with your photography. And being honest with my photography is the best way that I know of to satisfy my self photographically. This honest portrayal of your vision will also rub off on others as well. They will see that you do in fact have a style. This will help them learn your identity as a photographer.

My favorite shoots have always been shoots where the client allows me to have creative control over a project. Or when they respect my creativity rather than just using me because I’m a man with a camera.

Pimp your work

So you love your work. So selling it to a client shouldn’t be hard. I’m not saying you have to do some jive turkey fast talking sell like pimps in the streets. But just make sure you share your newest creation or vision to people in the industry. People can’t be aware of what you are doing if you never share your work with them. I’ve learned that my clients and publications that I work with love hearing about my newest projects and ideas. They often want to be involved when they hear about a neat idea that I’ve been putting together, especially after hearing how enthusiastic I am about it.

Also, I’m guilty of not being one to network. But recently I’ve been going out and making friends with lots of people in the industry. Making connections with other creative people will definitely help get your name out there. Even if you don’t plan to work with them right away.


Repeat this process over and over again. Always shoot for yourself and your portfolio.  Shoot the kind of stuff that you want to be hired for.  Do this over and over again so that your portfolio reflects this and clients can see what type of photographer you are. And be sure to share it with everyone who will listen.

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